October Notebook

Welcome to our October Notebook. As the weeks of 2020 march on it’s proving to be a very challenging year for small businesses. So we’ve launched a new series “Shop Local with” sharing New York City dwellers favorite shops to shine a light on local businesses. We’re still sad to see so many small businesses close, but are encouraged to see plenty of new shops opening.

We still miss the joy of travelling, exploring, discovering and browsing stores in real life. Around the world the retail landscape has forever changed. The pandemic caused businesses to pivot; restaurants became grocery shops and people turned to online shopping in droves. As a result of the pandemic the way we shop has changed. And as with all change there is good with the bad. The bad being that many small shops have had to close, but we are happy to see that there is a renewed interest in supporting local shops. People want to retain the character and integrity of their local communities. We are also enjoying living outdoor lives and hope that more appropriately socially-distanced markets will pop up. And we’re really hoping that outdoor Christmas markets will be able to open.

And remember, we have launched our Best Shops 2020 campaign so share the love and vote for all your favorite shops.

  • W’ve started our new series “Shop Local with” – check out are first editions “Shop Local with @newyorknico and Shop Local with Suzy Chase.
  • National Assignment, inspired by an idea of @newyorknico, matches students and small businesses with real life projects in marketing,
  • With every passing week of 2020 we discover more beloved local shops permanently closing their doors. This month we say adieu to Brooklyn’s Regular Visitors.
  • On a happier note it’s always cause to celebrate when we see new shops opening. On are radar…
  • From the creators of Cold Spring General Store, Home, Beauty & Wellness, is opening in Chappaqua mid-October.
  • Chemical-free flower farm Euclid Farms has opened a pretty flower shop in Toronto.
  • We’re excited for vintage straw and homewares shop Straw to reopen on London’s Columbia Road.
  • The folks behind Phoenicia Flea have opened Mojave Flea Apothecary at The Shops at 1345 in Palm Springs.
  • Beautiful Moroccan homewares lifestyle brand and café, So Marrakech, has opened in Altrincham.
  • Wild & Rust, a plant and homewares shop with a focus on sustainability and wellbeing has opened in Henley.
  • Check out the virtual version of this fall’s maker’s market Field & Supply.
  • We love outdoor shopping and our hoping to see even more markets popping up! Read this New York Times’ article on the joys of shopping outdoors during a pandemic.
  • Curbside pickup helps satisfy customers shopping desires. What could it mean for small shops?
  • Join in our newest hashtag #localshopfronts and support all your local favorite shops.
  • Vote for your favorite shops in our 2020 Best Shops campaign.
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