Best Amsterdam Coffee Shops

Discover our Best San Amsterdam Coffee Shops (as in coffee, tea and treats!) on our TSK Maps Amsterdam. For us coffee shops are an important feature of any city or destination we visit, and so we always love discovering and sharing our favorites. Mapping our Best Amsterdam Coffee Shops now makes them easier to discover.

cottoncake, best amsterdam coffee shops


Enchanting womenswear boutique and café that pays close attention the detail creating a stunning space. Cottoncake celebrates life’s perfect 17moments, enjoying a delicious coffee or falling in love with a timeless piece of clothing. Cottoncake offers a beautiful collection of clothing, their own line of fragrances and a small café serving breakfast and brunch.

Eerste van der Helststraat 76hs

Photo: @scarletlily

Droog, c


Design shop, gallery and coffee shop. This cool concept store also has a fabulous apartment to rent for Amsterdam getaways.

Staalstraat 7a

Photo @carobaker1

fried hats fuku cafe, best amsterdam coffee shops


Locally based micro roastery, Fried Hats, recently opened their Amsterdam coffee shop, FUKU. Enjoy the distinctive graphics, master-class baristas serving world-class coffee or savor a glass of wine on their back patio.

Bos en Lommerweg 136

Photo: @pakitaclamores

pluk, best amsterdam coffee shops


Bright and healthy food spot meets small and quirky homewares. Pluk has a little something for everyone to enjoy.

Reestraat 19

Photo @plukamsterdam

salt water, the shopkeepers best amsterdam coffee shops


This serene and minimalist space combines a love for artisanship, Oriental aesthetics and natural living.

Haarlemmerdijk 66

Photo: @saltwater_amsterdam

screaming beans, best amsterdam coffee shops


Ranking amongst the best coffee suppliers in Amsterdam, Screaming Beans is located in The 9 Streets, and organizes frequent barista and latte workshops.

Runstraat 6

Photo: @knetcrumb

selmas, best amsterdam coffee shops


A Swedish bakery dedicated to serving homemade Nordic-style dishes and baked goods. Founded by Swedish/Finnish chef with a knack for natural baking and developing traditional Nordic recipes for a contemporary palate.

Jan van Galenstraat 70h

Photo: @selmasbakery

Toki, best amsterdam coffee shops


Great coffee and food. Toki serves coffee from around the world in a unique setting.

Binnen Dommersstraat 15

Photo: @birgittetheresa

wildernis, best amsterdam coffee shops


A desire to add more greenery to their lives inspired the founders of Wildernis to create this green oasis in the center of Amsterdam. Plants cover every surface and even hang from the ceiling in this magical plant shop. The windows are creatively decorated with plant related art, adding to the charm of this shop. Relax and enjoy a coffee in this plant haven.

Bilderdijkstraat 165f


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