August Notebook

We’re back! Our August Notebook is a roundup of shop news, plus discoveries we are loving and things that grab our fancy. We skipped a few months as the world settled into its new rhythm. Now, once again, we would like to start sharing independent shop updates and news. These times continue to be challenging for small shops. Many are pivoting and going completely online whilst others are moving location. It’s exciting, though, to see some are even opening new locations! If we want to save small shops that add character, vibrancy and community to our villages, towns, and cities we need to take action. The best way to help is to continue to vote with our wallets. The campaign Just a Card is a great initiative, showing every small purchase helps.

We are always looking for ways to support independent shops so we just launched a new hashtag #localshopfronts and are re-sharing all your favorite tagged shopfronts. Do you have a favorite shop you think should be on one of our lists? Share with us via below link.

August Notebook

  • 3sixteen denim company has opened its NY Flagship at 190 Elizabeth Street.
  • CBK Vintage Pop-up by Consignment Brooklyn at 355 Atlantic Avenue.
  • Gentile Gelateria has opened a second location is the West Village, NYC.
  • Favorite vintage store Wooden Sleepers has closed their Red Hook, Brooklyn shop and is open online.
  • Beautiful Miami lifestyle store Mrs Mandolin has relocated to the charming back house of sister business, Mandolin restaurant, and opened a second location at Soho Beach House.
  • 2 Note have closed their Warren Street shop in Hudson and are now operating their online shop from a renovated horse barn.
  • The winner of our Flower Market book giveaway, by Michelle Mason of London vintage shop Mason & Painter, is @hydrangeahome
  • Papelote, one of our Best Stationery Shops has relocated from Prague’s city centre to Letn√°.
  • Join in our hashtag challenge #localshopfronts and support your local favorite shops.
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