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  • The Shopkeepers favorite NYC shops

    Favorite NYC Shops

    We’re so excited that New York City is back! The city is full of signs of spring and a renewed hope after such a hard year. The weather is warmer, people…

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  • Favorite London Vintage Shops

    Use our handy TSK Maps London to find The Shopkeepers favorite London vintage shops. Simply use the filter function on TSK Maps to search by store type, such as “vintage” and…

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  • Loop

    WHAT WE LOVE: An amazing treasure trove and inspirational source of beautiful yarns, threads, textiles and haberdashery goods. Loop knitting shops is a wonderful resource for making and creating all manner…

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  • Best Shoreditch Shops

    Shoreditch in East London known for its colorful street art, Sunday vintage market, and food markets. Shoreditch is located just south of the Columbia Road Flower Market. The vibrant, best Shoreditch…

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  • Mother’s Day Gift Guide

    Everything’s coming up roses and every other kind of blooms this Mother’s Day. Twenty of our favorite floral inspired gifts guaranteed to charm and please. Fresh flowers are always a treat…

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  • Best Online Ceramics Shops

    We love that the internet allows artisans and makers to create unique wares and then sell them directly online. These Best Online Ceramics Shops showcase some of our favorite pottery makers.…

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  • Notary Ceramics

    Sarah Van Raden, a former photo stylist turned potter, recently opened her ceramic studio and shop, Notary Ceramics, in Portland, Oregon. Sarah started throwing pieces sporadically in her basement in 2015,…

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  • Maud & Mabel

    Maud & Mabel was launched as an online shop in 2011 by Karen Whiteley. A concept born out of  Karen’s love of ceramics as an art form. An idea, that despite…

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  • Saved New York

    WHAT WE LOVE: A discreet townhouse is home to Saved New York, known for their Mongolian hand-crafted cashmere home and fashion accessories, antiques, art and jewelry. The two-storey shop, that feels…

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  • Shop Best Lifestyle Shops

    Shop best lifestyle shops is a selection of 34 of our favorite products from The Shopkeepers 2020 Best Lifestyle shops. We love that shopping online still means we can support our…

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