10 Best Vintage & Antique Shops

Vintage and Antique shops reinvent the old. We love this genre of shops because rather than discarding goods these shopkeepers repurpose and recycle them, making them relevant for our lives today. These objects have aged and patinated, possessing stories and former lives that no newly minted goods can compete with. Treasures to cherish and preserve. These 10 Best Vintage and Antique shops are found in cities and villages, such as London and Los Angles, and upstate New York.

10 Best Vintage and Antique shops white flower farmhouse, south old

White Flower Farmhouse, Southold NY

Photo: @whiteflowerfarmhouse

Patriae, Asbury Park 10 best vintage and antique shops

Patriae, Asbury Park NJ

Photo: @flynnclancy

Mason and Painter, London 10 Best vintage and antique shops

Mason & Painter, London

Photo: @weekendjournals

Elsie Green, Concord CA

Photo: @afabchallenge

Baileys Home Store, Ross on Wye, 10 best lifestyle shops

Baileys Home Store, Ross on Wye

Photo: @baileyshome

Mister Freedom, LA

Photo: @longjohn_denimblog

State Land Supply Co., Mountain Dale NY

Photo: @statelandsupplyco

Dear Golden, Ann Arbor MI

Photo: @deargolden

Maison Bergogne, Narrowsburg NY

photo: @maisonbergogne

Red Chair, Hudson NY

Photo: @zioandsons