Kathryn Davey

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Kathryn Davey sells handmade children’s dolls, toys and accessories through her online shop which she launched in 2013. Kathryn’s studio is in a former chocolate factory in the heart of Old Dublin City. She works with materials sourced and made in Ireland, in particular premium Irish linen and wool. The heirloom dolls and Super-Ted character are best sellers, bought by customers who appreciate handcrafts, and value the time and process that is involved in making each product. Kathryn also teaches popular indigo dyeing workshops. As well as selling on her website, Kathryn Davey dolls and toys are available in several Independent shops, from the west coast of Ireland to Japan.

The Shopkeeper

Kathryn Davey a former yoga teacher started making dolls when she lived in Northern California. Kathryn loved to buy fabric at “A verb for Keeping Warm”, one of her favourite shops in Berkeley where the owner dyed her own yarns on site. Other favourite shops are Labour and Wait in London, Pas de Calais in Paris, and the online shop Mjolk. Textiles, linen, hand woven, and antique fabrics, and natural dyes are all sources of inspiration for Kathryn which she carefully crafts into her beautiful toys. As a single parent, she loves the flexibility and freedom of an online shop, which allows her to be available for her three daughters. Kathryn likes to contribute to her community, and donates a percentage of her profits to homeless organizations in Dublin. As her business grows she hopes she can contribute more.

On Selling Handcrafts Online

“My products are very tactile, they need to been seen and touched to be appreciated. Although photography and in particular product photography is wonderful sometimes it doesn’t do justice to the work that can go into handcrafted items, the feel of a fabric or the weave of a cloth.”

Kathryn Davey

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