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Remodelista Markets feature original, handmade and bespoke goods for the home; and independent clothing, jewelry and apothecary brands. Remodelista’s 2008 Christmas party in Mill Valley launched the first Remodelista Market. Readers were invited to attend the event showcasing local designers featured on the site. The market was so popular that it became an annual event, and has grown to include markets in several California locations, Seattle, Portland, Boston, New York and London. Each market focuses on that regions makers alongside a few steadfast regulars, such as Richard Carter Ceramics, Studio Patro linens, and Rough Linen Bedding. Markets are frequented by readers, design enthusiasts, architects and designers.

The Shopkeepers

Remodelista, a sourcebook for considered living, was started when Julie Carlson and three friends undertook extensive home renovations. The friends exchanged design advice, tips and recommendations during their remodels, and Remodelista was born. The team, based in New York, San Francisco and London, are all life–long design enthusiasts with creative backgrounds spanning architecture, publishing, production and design. The markets are a valuable opportunity for Remodelista to personally connect with their community of designers and readers. The energy and enthusiasm at the events make them feel like a dinner party with friends rather than a shopping excursion. Other retailers that the Romodelista team admire are egg and Dover Street Market in London, A Detacher in New York, and March in San Francisco as standouts.

On The Future Of Retail

“We’re excited by the increasing proliferation of independent artisans and bespoke designers in the marketplace. Sites like ours and small online mercantile shops like Alder & Co. in Portland, OR, or Everyday Needs in New Zealand have increased the general public’s knowledge of and access to handmade and small production goods made both locally and throughout the world.”

Justine Hand, Markets Director


Photos:Michelle Panzer



Canvas Home

Saturday and Sunday 3/12 & 3/17

123 West 17th Street, NY

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