The Quality Mending Co.


The Quality Mending Co is a vintage apparel and clothing company with shops in Nolita and Brooklyn. Founded by Oliver Harkness in 2003, the original shop located on Prince Street was called Eleven. Five years ago the name was changed to The Quality Mending Co. This name change reflects the evolving assortment. Oliver introduced a line of repaired and repurposed clothing from vintage garments, as well as developing and designing The Quality Mending Co brand of vintage inspired clothing and accessories. These two new lines sell along side vintage finds from the Victorian era to the 1980’s. The repurposed styles are made from denim and leather garments no longer of use, deconstructed and fashioned into contemporary styles. The Quality Mending Co brand includes shoes made in England, sweaters in Ireland and Scotland, Jeans in Japan, and t-shirts and socks in the US.


The Shopkeeper

Irish born Oliver Harkness moved to London as a teenager. He worked in clubs at night, and found a day job in the fabric and trim department of a large garment company. Oliver was fascinated by the library of samples created by designers that never made it into production. He offered to set up a stall in Camden Market to sell these samples. Successfully selling the samples Oliver became a regular stallholder, and started sourcing and selling vintage clothing. Visiting New York in the late 1980’s, he fell in love with the city that is now his home. He moved to New York, once again working in clubs, and sourcing American vintage for friends and clients in England. Oliver has travelled all over America looking for vintage, for him the hunt is the most fun part and he tries to get on the road as often as possible.


On Repurposing Vintage

“If I find a supply of something but it no longer has a utility or use for today, but it’s made from beautiful fabrics, I will buy the batch that I find and run a project to reuse. I am looking all the time and always inspired.”

15 Prince Street, NYC & 705 Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn

The Quality Mending Co.


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