WHAT WE LOVE: Beautifully designed coffee shops with gorgeous signature details. Delicious baked goods and their go-to award-winning nutty chocolate chip cookies. Maman’s menu focuses on locally sourced ingredients and twists on classic French favorites.

WHERE: Maman coffee shops have nine New York and two Canada locations, each one unique and charming.

WHO: Elisa Marshall and Ben Sormonte founded the first Maman in 2014, inspired by childhood memories in the kitchen, and their mother’s recipes.


Who designs Maman shops? Myself and my partner, Ben, look after all the design for the shops. We commissioned Candice Kaye to design the blue and white Toile-style wallpaper and pattern that decorates our cups.

What is Maman famous for? At Maman, we are most known for our nutty chocolate chip cookies (Oprah named them one of her favorite things in 2017) but on the marché side of things, I think we are most know for hard to find imported French items.

Who are Maman customers? I think Marche Maman attracts people who love beautiful things – from fashion to home, to food and even pretty coffee cups, attention to details and curating all things beautifully, naturally attract a like-minded clientele. Especially being in Soho, I feel there is a higher concentration of those who appreciate this. We want to create an environment where everything you see, touch, smell, and taste is memorable, beautiful, and of course delicious!

Elisa Marshall and Ben Sormonte shopkeepers at Maman coffee shops


Elisa Marhall & Ben Sormonte, shopkeepers at Maman Coffee Shops

Who inspires you? My maman.

What inspires you? I take inspiration from everywhere, from a conversation with a stranger to a sign on the street corner. I am a very creative person and always have something brewing in my mind so I am always look for inspiration in my everyday life in the small things.

Before I was a shopkeeper, I…. was a buyer, merchandiser, interior designer, event planner, baker & caterer…and those are all still my titles today! Growing up, I never had that ‘what do you want to be when you grow up’ kind of thing. It was always a mixture of a hundred things, from a fashion designer, to a baker, to an event planner, an interior designer or the next Martha Stewart. I found myself juggling numerous ‘careers’ and passions with not enough hours in the day to do everything that I loved. I couldn’t find the perfect job, so I had to invent it, and put it all together under one roof (or 6 at this point)

Photography by Camila Gutierrez and Jonica Moore


“As much as the online shopping experience is taking over, I think that need for a physical and tangible experience can never be replaced. I personally am not an online shopper and love the experience of ‘shopping’. The hunt, the find & the satisfaction of finding a beautiful store & that perfect thing you were looking for (….or in many cases not at all).

To me there are so many products that you need to see, touch, smell, try etc. that the online shopping experience does not provide.

The dining out experience will never go away, and will always stay relevant, but I think more brands need to realize the positive impact there is in merging the two together. Dining out these days especially in NYC, is also oversaturated and we need to be creative in offering an experience as opposed to just good food.”


239 Center Street, Soho

211 West Broadway, Tribeca

67 University Place, Greenwich Village

205 Hudson Street, Tribeca

375 Hudson Street, Tribeca

22 West 25th Street, Nomad

12 West 48th Street, Midtown

429 Amsterdam Avenue, Upper West Side

1424 3rd Avenue, Upper East Side

154 Court Street, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

80 Kent Street, Greenpoint Brooklyn

100 King Street West, Toronto, Canada

1524 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montreal, Canada

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