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  • 2020 year in review

    2020 Year in Review

    2020 Year in Review is a roundup of our most popular shops, posts and new features. A year that was most extraordinary disruptive for most people. A year that proved challenging…

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  • 2020 top instagram posts

    2020 Top Instagram Posts

    These are the The Shopkeepers most liked Instagram Posts of 2020. Thank you to our talented community who generously share their wonderful captures of shops around the world. 2020’s Top Instagram Posts include…

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  • 2020 Most Popular Shops

    The 2020 Most Popular Shops are the five most viewed shop features on The Shopkeepers website in 2020. New York, Madrid, London and Herefordshire are all home to these 5 top…

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  • Shops That Closed in 2020

    2020 was a very challenging year for small shops and businesses. Lockdowns and shopping online were two major challenges to the nature of local, brick & mortar shops, especially in urban…

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  • All Creatures Gift Guide

    For many this year’s holiday shopping will be mainly online. Even if we are not out and about browsing and shopping in real life we can still support small, independent stores.…

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  • Christmas 2020 Shopfronts

    I love to discover Christmas 2020 shopfronts as I walk around New York City this time of year. The holiday season is such a magical time of year in the city.…

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  • christmas decorating

    Deck The Halls

    Decorating for the holidays is a joyful experience. And we all need more joy in our life this year. So we’ve gathered together a roundup of some of our favorite holiday…

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  • december notebook shop news

    December Notebook

    Welcome to our December Notebook. Typically this is the busiest season for retail and small shops. Though with rolling lockdowns across the country and around the world 2020 continues to be…

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  • every vote counts shops

    Every Vote Counts

    With record numbers of people voting across the USA the whole world is witnessing how every vote counts. Three years ago we started our Independent “Shop Hall of Fame” to celebrate…

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  • November Notebook

    Welcome to our November Notebook. As the weeks of 2020 march on it’s proving to be a very challenging year for small businesses. As we want to help however we can…

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