Shop 2020 Best Online Shops

shop 2020 best online shops

Shop 2020 Best Online Shops shopping guide. We love that shopping online still means we can support our favorite independent shops. So, as we have just launched our 2021 Best Online Shop campaign we are revisiting last year’s list and sharing 24 favorite products from our 2020 Best Online Shops

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01. Clay Herb Pots

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clay herb pots

Vivi et Margot distressed Clay Herb Pots, perfect for holding rosemary, mint or parsley.

02. Swarm of Bees Votive Candle

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swarm of bees candle

Tatine’s soy wax candle in clear glassware, Swarm of Bees, has a scent of meadows and freesia meets golden autumn hay, sweet, smoky burnt embers, and honeycomb.

03. Black & Natural Bicycle Basket

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hand woven bicycle basket

Handwoven in Ghana from locally-sourced straws, Baba Tree’s fair-trade Bicycle Basket is ideal for daily errands and picnics in the parks. Two adjustable leather straps secure the basket to the bicycle’s handlebars, available from Goodee.

04. Constellation and Moons Round Ceramic Bell

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stoneware bell M Quan

Wheel-thrown round stoneware Constellation and Moons Bell – safe to hang outdoors, from Aporta.

05. Happy Birthday Art Print

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Merrilee Liddiard art prints

Merrilee Liddiard Art Prints available in various designs and sizes, and also an option for custom artwork.

06. Hand Embroidered Woodland Knit Romper 

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Shirley Bredal romper

Shirley Bredal’s Hand-Embroidered Woodland Knit Romper made from soft merino wool in Nepal’s hand-knitting communities.

07. Vintage Elmwood

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vintage elmwood stool bloomist 2020 best online shops

Naturally weathered and aged by time, round and rectangular rustic Vintage Elmwood Stools are gathered by antique dealers in China for Bloomist.

08. Marble Soap Dish

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marble soap dish vivi et margot 2020 best online shops

Large solid Marble Soap Dish perfect for a bathroom or kitchen from French-style decor online shop Vivi et Margot.

09. Mabel Doll

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Merrilee Liddiard mabel Doll

Mabel midi sized Doll by Merrilee Liddiard, comes in a English Fields romper by Liberty of London.

10. White Walnut Vase

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white walnut vases 2020 best online shops

Bloomist’s White Walnut Vase come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Hand-cut from sustainably sourced, raw, unfinished walnut wood that features different grains and occasional knots, just like the trees they come from. 

11. Knuckle Table Lamp

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Goodee’s versatile and environmentally-sound, the Knuckle Table Lamp and playful Enno light bulb combines design and function.

12. Hand-woven Gathering Baskets

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vivi et margot gathering baskets

Large and medium hand-woven Gathering Baskets from Vivi et Margot.

13. Cactus #1 Linoprint

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8” x 10” Cactus #1 linoprint at Aporta.

14. Stars Are Fire Fig Candle

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Fig scented soy wax candle in artisan mouth-blown smoke grey glass by Tatine.

15. Hand Woven Wicker Baskets

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Hand Woven Wicker Baskets handy for storing kitchen utensils available in two sizes from Vivi et Margot.

16. Serving Spoons

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Serving Spoons made from itza wood in Guatemala and off-white Novah Pitcher, both from Bloomist.

17. Hand Embroidered Cotton Dress

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Hand Embroidered Japanese Cotton Dresses by Shirley Bredal.

18. Boob Tumbler

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Handcrafted ceramic Boob Tumbler available from Aporta.

19. Wool Throw Blanket

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Nalata Nalata’s pure Wool Throw Blanket has a blanket-stitched edge.

20. Handmade Rocket

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Handmade Rocket Ship built from five different types of wood, highlighting the skill and design of Japanese woodwork available at Nalata Nalata.

21. Handmade Mug

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Retro inspired Handmade Mug with hand carved lines from Aporta.

22. Broom and Paper Dustpan

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Artisan made Broom and Paper Dustpan available from Goodee.

23. Peace Rose Candle

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Peace Rose Candle by Tatine.

24. Ride on a Small Boat Artwork

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White oak framed Ride on a Small Boat traditional tsutsugaki resist-dyeing artwork by artist Michiaki Mochizuki available at Nalata Nalata.

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