Elsie Green

Elsie Green is a House and Garden shop in Concord, California. Founded in 2011, Elsie Green is housed in an industrial warehouse, converted to recreate a European ‘brocante’ feeling. One side of the warehouse is the showroom, painted in bright white with a cement floor, the other half is filled to the brim with merchandise. Best sellers include a range of vintage items collected from French flea markets – flatware, linens, doors, and chairs, and custom furniture made from antique wood. To complement these pieces there is a beautiful range of organic Portuguese bedding, handmade dinnerware from northern California, and Moroccan goods from the souk in Marrakech. Elsie Green is a popular destination with regulars and visitors for shopping and inspiration; for brides’ wedding registries, and supplies unique flatware, china, and fixtures to local restaurants and wineries.

The Shopkeeper


Laurie Furber is the creative force behind Elsie Green. After a twelve-year career with Pottery Barn she left to start Elsie Green with her husband, JP. Laurie wanted to work in an environment where she could hand select every piece and meet her customers face to face. Inspired by hotel and restaurant design, movie set design, and entertaining, Laurie continually looks for new ways to expand the business. She recently introduced custom lighting, and is currently focusing on ways to incorporate floral design into the shop. Her favorite shops are Merci in Paris, Grand Central Market in DTLA, March In San Francisco, Ochre in New York, and Liberty in London. Laurie dreams of the opportunity to base the business in France for six months, so she could fully immerse herself in French culture.

On the Future of Retail

“There’s so much automation and so much product available now, we think the most successful retailers of the future will be those who can edit their collection, make human connections with their clients, and offer a special twist on the retail experience.”

2954 Treat Blvd., Concord, CA

All Photographs courtesy of Leslie Santarina of Spotted SF

Elsie Green 

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