Vintage & Antique Shopping guide

Our one-of-a-kind vintage and Antique Shopping guide features goods from some of our favorite shops. As each item is one-of-a-kind Vintage, hopping online for vintage and antique goods can prove is not always obvious as only one of each item is available. However, in some cases there may be similar items. For that reason many vintage and antique shops don’t always sell via websites. They may chose to sell their wares on Instagram or in real life only. This is just a small roundup of some of our favorite products – check out our 2020 Best Vintage & Antique Shops for more goods and shops we love.

vintage & antique shopping guide

From top to bottom, left to right: 1. Alvin Lustig’s “Affair of the Sea” Letterpress printed from metal ornaments on wove paper, 1940 at Mast Books; 2. Vintage Bonnie Cashin Patchwork Suede Leather Jacket at Tucson’s Desert Vintage; 3. Antique Toleware Pitcher at Luddite Antiques; 4. Luddite AntiquesAlphabet Handkerchief from the late 1800s; 5. Antique Gold Bow Gem Brooch with Smokey Quartz, Sapphires and 18k Gold available at De Vera; 6. Two 1940s Mason’s Ironstone Soup Cups at Mason & Painter; 7. Green leather “Minuscule” chair at Finch Hudson; 8. Set of 4 individual French Madeleine Tins at Mason & Painter; 9. Silver Hermes Charm Lock at Front General Store; 10. Victorian cut paper Flower Shadow Box available at Luddite Antiques; 11. Vintage Silver Bracelet from Front General Store; 12. Danish Woven Rope & Oak Stool at Finch Hudson; 13. Early 20th Century indigo Dyed Katazome Boro Futon Cover at Sri; 14. Vintage John Lennon Tee at Front General Store; 15. Victorian Wildflower Print by British artist Anne Pratt at Mason & Painter; 16. Patriæ Tote Bag made from antique homespun, handwoven hemp; 17. Vintage Ironstone Pitcher at Dreamy Whites; 18. Homemade Brass Trench Art Mug made from a shell at Luddite Antiques.

Pictured in top image: 1980s Vintage Levi’s Denim Jacket at Front General Store and Desert Vintage’s 1930’s Black Wool Beret

Shops featured in this guide

Mason & Painter, London, U.K.

Front General Store, Brooklyn, NY

Luddite Antiques, Germantown, NY

De Vera, New York, NY

Desert Vintage, Tucson, AZ

Finch, Hudson, NY

Mast Books, New York, NY

Sri, Brooklyn, NY

Dreamy Whites, Amador City, CA

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