The Paris Market

The Paris Market, Savannah

WHAT WE LOVE: A beautiful lifestyle shop featuring amazing installations showcasing an enchanting mix of homewares, vintage, textiles and lifestyle goods. Wonderful to browse and enjoy a coffee in the lovely cafe.

WHO: Paula and Taras Danyluk.

WHERE: In historic Savannah, GA and a second shop in picturesque Palmetto Bluff, SC.


The Paris Market is located in the heart of historic Savannah. Established in 2001 by Paula and Taras Danyluk, who were inspired by The Marche aux Puces, they have created an inspiring emporium emulating the experience of the world’s best markets. A design concept experience, rather than just a store; installations change on a regular basis. The Paris Market recently opened a second shop in Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina. Paris is their muse for both shops, but the partners are influenced by all of their travels, whether it be Buenos Aires, St. Petersburg, Melbourne or Tokyo. Paula and Taras believe design and craftsmanship should be reflected in everyday life.  Their signature collection focuses on rudimentary hand made elegance, beauty with function, reimagined with a unique low country flavor.  Finally, as an ode to the café society, The Paris Market Café is the perfect après-shopping rendezvous for a classic latte and a macaron, or a glass of champagne. The Paris Market is one The Shopkeepers Best Lifestyle Shops

The Paris Market, vintage homewares

Why did you choose the name The Paris Market? I may just be the biggest Francophile in the South. I take shopping trips to France several times a year, and the Marché aux Puces in Paris might be my favorite place on earth. The Paris Market is my ode to the country, with French antiques, accessories, paper goods, soap and fragrances, and dried lavender straight from the fields of Provence. Of course, we also sell a smattering of wonderful American products.

What is The Paris Market best known for? We’ve created a lovely collection of signature items that we can’t stock fast enough: scented candles, colorful tote bags, wooden cutting boards and linens. We’ve also developed a following for our assortment of coffee table books and hard-to-come-by magazines and French periodicals. We recently opened a second store in Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina, which is a picturesque little area right on the May River. There, we sell a great deal of furniture, lighting and custom art.

Where do you source products for The Paris Market? I discover most of our vintage pieces at brocantes in Paris and the South of France. I also like to support local artisans who work in Savannah and the surrounding area—most of our signature products are locally made.

What makes The Paris Market so unique? Our ever-changing installations. It’s not unusual for both of the stores to look different on a weekly basis, and in Savannah, we have two huge storefront windows that feature oversize artful displays. There’s also a little café inside our downtown store, which I modeled after one of my favorite spots in the sixth arrondissement. We sell coffee, espresso, Champagne and French pastries, and have a few marble bistro tables and banquettes, plus a row of sidewalk tables outside. It’s all very Instagrammable!

How has the Internet impacted your business? It’s certainly made our community of shoppers feel closer and more connected. It’s amazing to receive instant feedback on a daily basis.


Paula Danyluk, shopkeeper at The Paris Market

Who inspires you? The genuine artisan, anyone who knows how to make things by hand.

What inspires you? The thrill of the hunt. Sometimes I think it’s more fun to search than to find.

Before I was a shopkeeper, I … was a speech pathologist. A speech pathologist who collected French antiques and made jewelry on the side!

The hardest lesson learned in starting a business?  It never stops. There is no plateau.

The best lesson you have learned while opening a shop?  Listen to my gut. It’s always right.

Your advice for anyone wanting to open a shop?  Don’t do it unless you’re ready for it to take over your life, because it’s all-consuming. I love that about it and can’t get enough, so I guess it’s meant to be!

Which famous person would you like to visit your shop? 
Ellen Degeneres because she would make me laugh! And I’d love to talk about art and architecture with her.

What is your perfect day off? Making something with my hands.

What are your favourite shops? ABC carpet & home and De Vera, New York;  Paul Bert (Marche aux Puces) and Merci, Paris.

What are your favorite Instagram accounts? @fallenaristocrat: This is my own jewelry line that launched last year. It’s inspired by travel, history and imperfect things that tell a story. @johnderiancompany: Everything that John touches turns to magic. I love his whole aesthetic—and he also happens to be one of the most genuine, nicest people I know. @annstreetstudio: My friend Jamie Beck takes the most astounding fine art photos. She’s such an inspiration. @astierdevillatte: This French line of ceramics and fragrances is owned by two men who make everything by hand. I recently met with them in Paris and was in total awe. @laneycontemporary: This is Susan Laney’s gallery here in Savannah. She features some of the most amazing new artists around, and always has the inside scoop on what (and who) is up and coming.

I wish I could … travel more.


“With the instantly accessible, yet soul-less nature of the Internet, I feel experiential based shopping will be ever more popular.  People will still need and seek out the stimulating, but also yearn for a true and authentic social conversation.”

The Paris Market

36 West Broughton St., Savannah, GA & 70B Boat House Row
Bluffton, SC

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