The Cook’s Atelier

Photographer: Anson Smart

Photograph by Anson Smart


The Cook’s Atelier is a culinary boutique, wine shop, and French cooking school in the center of historic Beaune, France. Founded in 2008 by Marjorie Taylor and Kendall Smith Franchini, a mother and daughter American expat duo who wanted to create a space where people from all over the world could come together to cook and share a communal dining experience. Five years after founding their successful business they were afforded the opportunity to expand into a store front and were joined by Kendall’s husband, Laurent Franchini, who manages the culinary boutique and wine shop. Marjorie and Kendall designed the timeless French space using a palette of creamy whites, grey, zinc, and vintage copper. Known for their classic French cook’s tools – that includes their own branded line of professional copper cookware, provisions, a wonderful selection of small-production wines, and one-of-a-kind vintage items for the kitchen and home. The Cook’s Atelier offers a variety of workshops and events, from market tours to cooking classes and winemaker dinner parties, suited to home cooks of all levels. Clients come from all over the world; cooks, foodies, and wine connoisseurs, drawn to the relaxed convivial environment. The original home of The Cook’s Atelier, once again an apartment, is available to rent as a vacation property. For those unable to travel to Beaune, The Cook’s Atelier has an online shop which ships products internationally.

The Shopkeepers

Marjorie and Kendall share a love of France. Marjorie, a self-taught cook, apprenticed in French restaurants before opening her own French-inspired restaurant and cooking school in the States. Kendall, Marjorie’s daughter, studied French and Art History in the States, working for Christie’s in Paris after graduating. Whilst living in Paris, Kendall became fascinated by wine, and moved to Beaune to study viticulture. She went on to work for a Beaune wine merchant, and in true fairytale fashion met Laurent, and made her home in France. Marjorie rejoined Kendall in France, so they could work side by side creating The Cook’s Atelier brand, combining their passions to create the life they had always dreamt of. The mother and daughter have created a business that reflects their love of all things French, food, markets, family traditions and a life rich in simplicity with a focus on what really matters – family. Their own family has since grown to include Luc and Manon Clair, two tiny cooks in training. Living in France they are able to pursue their passions for visiting local ‘vide grenier’ (tag sales) to collect old French copper, creamware and linens. Favorite shops are Not Perfect Linen, for aprons and clothing, and L’Atelier Scandinave for their cook’s clogs. Marjorie and Kendall’s first cook book is in the works, and they hope to travel to the UK and US on a book tour with a pop-up shop in New York on their wish list.

On The Cook’s Atelier

“We love our shop because it is truly an extension of our homes.  It is place were we can come together as a family to share all of the the things we love with other like-minded people from around the world.”

43, rue de Lorraine, Beaune, France

The Cook’s Atelier


Main Photograph & Gallery photos 1-12 by Emily Johnston, Shopkeeper photo & Shop Front Gallery photos 13 & 14 by Anson Smart, The Cook’s Atelier apartment – Gallery photo 15 by Tracey Leber

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