Saved New York

WHAT WE LOVE: A discreet townhouse is home to Saved New York, known for their Mongolian hand-crafted cashmere home and fashion accessories, antiques, art and jewelry. The two-storey shop, that feels like a beautifully appointed home, has many gorgeous architectural details that showcase Saved New York’s luxurious cashmere throw blankets.

WHO: Brooklyn-based artist and collector, Sean McNanney.

WHERE: In the heart of New York’s elegant Gramercy Park district.


What year was Saved New York established? Saved New York was established in 2015

What makes Saved New York so unique?  I wanted to create a space that reminds me of the shops I visited when I was growing up in Langley on Whidbey Island outside of Seattle in Washington state.

Why did you open Saved New York?  It happened very organically, we needed a showroom space for clients in the city.  Retail customers started to walk in and the rest is history.

Why did you name the shop Saved New York? The idea of creating something to keep and a refreshing take on the familiar.

What are Saved New York’s “must-have” products? Our Tiger Rug and Constellation handmade cashmere throw blanket.


Sean McNanney, shopkeeper at Saved New York

Your favorite thing about owning an independent shop?  I am free to be myself!  Meeting great people and it makes me happy to be part of a community that is holding down a storefront in NYC.

What are your favorite local independent businesses? Farmers market, the few book and magazine shops left, book fair and the Armory Antiques show.

What are your five favorite shops? Obsolete, De Vera , Mcrow, Paula Rubenstein, Maison Gerard 

What are your favorite Instagram accounts to follow? Hamish Bowels, Robert Kime, Luke Edward Hall, Cabana, The World of Interiors

What is your hope for the future of retail?  I hope for the US, we look to European cities and see that we are missing the blocks and blocks of specialty shops we enjoyed on holidays.

How has the pandemic effected Saved NY’s business? Home is everything, we were lucky the the cashmere blanket is the perfect thing to make you feel safe and cozy.

Do you have any favorite customer interactions? One of my customers, a lady from the UES, who purchases a dozen throws each year around the holidays, told me she loved the shop as it reminds her of shopping in London in the 1950’s, she also told me she knows because she’s a “SHOPPER”.

How has the pandemic changed your point of view on the retail experience?  I feel like people miss visiting shops and as restrictions lessen, more and more shoppers are popping in.


“Being creative, collaborations, trunk shows and pop ups.”


72 Irving Place, New York City

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Photography by Pink Yellow Studio

Sean McNanney portrait by Martyn Thompson

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