Cristina Ghitti

Cristina Gitti fell in love with India when she first travelled there in 1995 on a product development trip. Traveling from Jaipur to Delhi and Mumbai she watched and learnt the various textile techniques, block printing, tie-dye, weaving and embroidery. Cristina moved to New York from her native Milan, with limited English, leaving behind her set design studio where she had worked on projects for companies such as Diesel and Mandarina Duck. Once in New York, Cristina started designing packaging for men’s boxers that were made in India. The packaging was so well received that Cristina was sent to India to develop product, which launched her on a new career path. Cristina’s company Matta formed in 2003, after splitting with her former partner and company Malatesta. Over the years Matta has grown into a lifestyle brand, inspired by Cristina’s beloved ethnic textiles and clothing from her travels. She develops timeless pieces and styles that are easy to layer from fabrics that are handspun, hand woven and handmade. When Cristina travels she loves discovering and developing special product for the Matta shops, whether it be unique jewelry, a limited edition dress or accessory. There are three Matta shops in New York, 200 plus wholesale accounts and an online shop. Matta customers return year after year, replacing and adding to their collections, which are rich in stories and exotic origins. Cristina intrigued by tribes and tribal life, loves to travel. She dreams of returning to Turkey and Morocco, and hopes to visit Thailand soon, she says all she needs is six hours and she is ready to go anywhere.

Shopkeeper Photo: Alba Morassutti

241 Lafayette Street, Soho NY

abc home, 888 Broadway

82 Main Street, Sag Harbor

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