Marlow & Daughters


Marlow & Daughters was the first whole animal butcher shop in Brooklyn, sourcing meat from farms that use ethical and sustainable practices. Opened in 2008 by Andrew Tarlow, primarily to supply his extremely popular neighboring restaurants, which include, Marlow & Sons, Diner and Roman’s, and to offer local customers the same high quality meat that is served in his restaurants. Tom Mylan, who was working at Marlow & Sons, oversaw the opening of Marlow & Daughters, traveling upstate to learn the craft of butchery from Fleishers. A walk-in at the back of Diner served as the first butcher shop. From here Tom supplied meat to order for the two restaurants until Marlow & Daughters opened it’s own shop front. Michael Kale became the GM of Marlow & Daughters eight months ago. Prior to that he had worked with Tom Mylan at Brooklyn Kitchen. Michael moved to New York thirteen years ago from Pittsburgh, to work in the costume departments of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and 30 Rock. Once in New York Michael’s passion for food and the inspiring culinary culture in Brooklyn prompted him to change careers. Michael grew up in a house where every Gourmet magazine was delivered and studied, and he loved spending time in the kitchen cooking with his father. It is the synergistic relationship between the butcher shop and the restaurants that Michael particularly respects and admires about Marlow & Daughters. Every Monday and Wednesday whole cows are delivered to the butcher shop. The restaurants’ orders are filled and the majority is offered for sale to local customers. The four craft butchers at Marlow & Daughters work their magic; dividing the meat into various cuts; making sausages, smoking and mincing meat; and making stock so there is virtually no part left unused. They even make their own dog food and dog treats. Alongside the grass-fed beef there is ethically raised pork, lamb and chicken. They work with three beef sources, but it is with Kinderhook Farms that the process is further evolved. Kinderhook Farms sends the cow and pig hides to a local tannery to be tanned. It is this leather that Kate Huling, Andrew Tarlow’s wife, uses to produce her bag and accessory line for Marlow Goods. Michael is happiest behind the counter at Marlow & Daughters helping customers. He is familiar with all the different meat products; he knows which breads from She Wolf that are served in the restaurants. He is responsible for buying cheeses for the shop and selecting three choices for the restaurants’ cheese plate. It is this wealth of knowledge that he enjoys sharing with his patrons.

95 Broadway, Brooklyn NY

Marlow & Daughters


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  • Debbie Kale
    November 1, 2015 at 9:05 am

    Wow. Great article. So proud of my son

  • Paula Flynn
    November 1, 2015 at 5:08 pm

    Thank you. You should be proud, Michael does such a wonderful job – Marlow & Daughters is a treat to visit and shop. Paula