Kabinett & Kammer

Sean Scherrer

Kabinett & Kammer is an art and antiques shop in Andes, NY. Established in 2007 by artist Sean Scherer, the name he chose for his shop is a combination of German words for a cabinet of curiosities and an art gallery. Kabinett & Kammer specializes in old school charts, 19 century natural history prints, and interesting objet d’art. Sean renovated the building, originally a post office dating from 1833, adding display units and papering some walls with old maps and prints. Sean’s approach to his shop is from the point of view of an artist, he is attracted to color, surface, and form when selecting art and objects. The assortment is mainly vintage and antiques, which he collects throughout the year and on bimonthly buying trips in the summer. One can also find locally made home goods; 100% beeswax candles, wool blankets, and old stock linens. Customers are mainly second homeowners from NYC, fellow artists and designers, photographers, models, and young couples looking for something original and authentic for their home.

The Shopkeeper

Artist Sean Scherer was inspired to become a shopkeeper by the little shops in the Marais that he would visit travelling between Paris and NYC in his early twenties. He was enchanted by the individual stores with clear personal visions that had some of the most beautiful objects and furnishings Sean had ever seen. When Kabinett & Kammer opened in Andes, a seemingly sleepy small mountain village, Sean envisioned a shop that would be equally at home in Paris, London, or New York City. Sean bought his first antique when he was sixteen, and has been training his eye ever since. Being the proprietor at Kabinett & Kammer is the perfect combination of his skills, careers, and passions as an artist, collector, stylist, and art professor. He loves the hunt to discover unfound treasures, and displaying them in his shop, creating narratives through his vignettes. Sean’s personal collections include mercury glass vases and taxidermy; he owns a flamingo that he will never sell. He loves to travel, and is interested in opportunities to do some Kabinett & Kammer pop-ups around the world.

On the Future of Retail

“I have been amazed by the response from Instagram, it has connected me to a wonderful community of like minded aesthetes from around the world. It truly has been a wonderful and inspiring way to promote not just the shop but the pursuit of beauty and discovery.”

7 Main Street, Andes, New York

Kabinett & Kammer

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Main & Shopkeeper photograph by Natalie Chitwood.    Gallery photographs by Sean Scherer.





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