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The labor and dedication involved in indigo dying inspired Garrett Pitcher’s choice of name for his shop, and represents the standard he likes to hold himself to. Denim is the foundation of everything Indigo & Cloth stocks, ‘Cloth’ representing the balance. Denim is also how Garrett got his start in fashion retailing. After a marketing and sales career in the Irish drinks industry, Garrett turned his focus to menswear, opening a basement shop in 2007 whilst also being a brand manager for Pepe and Lee jeans, and Tommy Hilfiger. Initially starting with men and women’s fashion he found there was a more intriguing opportunity in menswear. Travel, blogs and magazines had helped educate his customers to better understand his reference points. Quality and provenance are important to Garrett, who practices his “buy less, buy better” belief. The shop design has a very Scandinavian influence and he stocks many Scandinavian brands. In 2013 Indigo & Cloth moved to its’ current location, occupying a building in Temple Bar and transformed into a shop/studio/coffee shop. Garrett is in his element as he admits to love working on 3 or 4 projects at any given time. He wants as many people as possible to enjoy the space, so now with the coffee shop on the ground floor people can spend as little as 2 euro on a coffee, 20 euro on a magazine or they can proceed to the second floor and spend as much as they wish. Product development is a natural next stage for Garrett. He has developed a candle and valet tray under the brand name Dyflin, fittingly the Nordic name for Dublin, as well as posters and prints and is currently collaborating on a chair design. The creative studio, which occupies the third floor, works on all aspects of brand management. Garrett enjoys working with like-minded clients, which include fashion designers, retailers, lifestyle goods, whiskey and even a hotel. At other times he hosts monthly events and has partnered on a magazine, Threads. He loves all aspects of being a shopkeeper, from the buying and selling, spending time on the floor with his customers to the accounting and working with margins. Garrett possesses an immense curiosity and fascination for the way different industries work and how they interconnect, it seems he has created his ideal environment.

9 Essex Street East, Dublin 2


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