Dorian Ward Trading Company


Dorian Ward’s study has been painstakingly replicated by Vanessa Brennan to create the perfect environment for her antique concept shop. Dorian, a British expatriate, lived in Africa in the 1920s and 30s. She has paid meticulous attention to all the historical details to recreate an authentic experience. Big game taxidermy trophies majestically preside over the space. All but the giraffe, which required special cabinets to be constructed to accommodate him, are also for sale. Vanessa loves to tell stories with images, and her focus has successfully created an ambience and vignettes from a bygone time. She wants people to feel welcome and comfortable when they walk into Dorian Ward, so she has introduced homely and warm details, such as the worn chopping boards, hand painted alabaster fruits and books. Creativity has always been an essential part of her life, and she wished to open a shop for the past decade. Initially, as she had worked in fashion, she had thought she would open a clothing shop, but after working in the interior design business with her husband her focus shifted. Last year she found the perfect location in New York’s West Village, and opened Doran Ward in November 2014. She works with specialist antique dealers in England and France, only buying pieces that require minimal restoration so she can ensure authenticity. She is delighted when customers are inspired by the shop experience to share their personal stories. Vanessa’s family inspire her, her kids love the sparkle and glamour of her new shop. She is looking forward to bringing them on safari in Africa and experiencing the magical warm light, she has heard of, for herself.

35 Christopher Street, West Village NY



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