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  • Cold Spring General Store

    Craig and Deanna Muraszewski allowed for plenty of open space when designing Cold Spring General Store. Areas for people to gather and converse, exchange recipes and neighborly advice, as well as…

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  • Picture Room

    Sandeep Salter, co-founder of Goods For The Study, recognized an opportunity for a shop selling affordable artwork, so one year ago she and partner Sarah McNally opened Picture Room in the…

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  • Burro & Burro Kids

      The hardworking burro pioneering across the desert carrying goods from all over is what inspired Erinn Berkson to rebrand her shops last year. That image captures the essence of Burro…

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  • Swenys Book shop Dublin


      The interior of Sweny’s is the same today as when it first opened as a pharmacy in 1847. A testament to James Joyce’s Ulysses, Sweny’s was immortalized in chapter 5…

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  • Michele Varian

      Michele Varian is a home and lifestyle shop in Soho, New York. An eclectic mix of interesting products that include Michele Varian designed pillows, wallpaper, lighting and furniture. Customers are…

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  • Beauty Lounge

      Illyne Ganley loves the morning; greeting the day and her neighbors, opening her shop and lighting the candles. She describes Beauty Lounge as her ‘home away from home’ and her…

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