Best Online Shops 2020

Welcome to our Best Online Shops 2020 campaign

Last March we shared our 10 Favorite Online Shops. Since then our world has changed dramatically. As we socially distance online shopping has surged and we expect this trend to continue. We believe, now more than ever, in the importance of small independent local shops. Many of these shops have adapted their business models and are now online only. So this year, even if they have a brick & mortar shop or not, we would like you to nominate and share the shops with the best online experiences. We see the movement towards e-commerce growing whether it is via a website or Instagram stories. As the lines blur between brick & mortar shops and online shops we want to celebrate all those shops that excel virtually. We want to support and share the love, so as many small shops as possible survive these difficult times. We would love to know which small businesses have a brilliant online presence; how they virtually connect and engage with their customers and communicate the “shop small/shop local” ethos? So this year we invite you to nominate your favorite shops for our Best Online Shops 2020 campaign.

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