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March 2015

  • Kai D

      Inspirational quotes are displayed at intervals around Kai D’s namesake shop, adding wit and whimsy. Large mood boards are testimony to Kai D’s love of utilitarian and functional clothing and…

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  • Talbott & Arding

      Talbott & Arding’s natural slate floor, white wall tiles and soft grey with blue color scheme are reminiscent of a dairy attached to an historic British home. It’s no surprise…

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  • Burro & Burro Kids

      The hardworking burro pioneering across the desert carrying goods from all over is what inspired Erinn Berkson to rebrand her shops last year. That image captures the essence of Burro…

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  • The Juicy Leaf

    Growing up in Texas every opportunity that Felix Navarro had was spent gardening with his mother and grandmother, mornings before school, weekends and summer vacations. After a successful fifteen-year career in…

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  • Albertine

    Twelve Years ago, walking along Christopher St., Kyung Lee noticed all the vacant premises with ‘For Rent’ signs. One particular shop with a large front window caught her eye. Kyung sat…

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