The Grove Street Press


The Grove Street Press is a letterpress printing shop in the Warehouse District of New Orleans. Cousins Kate Wyman and Anna Boyer print all the products themselves in their shop, which they opened in 2013. The front of The Grove Street Press is lined with bookshelves and type cases displaying their cards and prints, and the back half is their office and printing studio. The shop mascot, a labradoodle named Mildred Yvonne, is popular on The Grove Street’s Press Instagram account with many fans among followers, and features on a best selling card line. Customers are able to view the printing presses operating and see how the cards and prints are made. Kate and Anna like to say their shop is part museum, teaching visitors a little bit of printing history.

The Shopkeepers

Kate Wyman and Anna Boyer were exposed to retail at an early age, accompanying their mothers (who are sisters) on shopping expeditions. As they got older they became more and more interested in the shops they visited, absorbing and observing all the details, and how places they visited could be improved. Shops that continue to be favorites, and inspire Kate and Anna, are John Derian and ABC Carpet & Home in New York. When they first opened The Grove Street Press they intended to create a custom letterpress studio, but as the business developed they realized they wanted the studio to be a shop, where people could could drop by throughout the day. They are expanding the retail line to include totes, small homewares and office supplies. Aficionados of Old Fashioned cocktails (they are tasting and rating in every bar in New Orleans), they dream about a second location called the Grove Street Pub, where people can write notes over a drink.

On The Future of Retail

“Amazon (and the like) make it easier for people to get laundry detergent and paper towels, but there will always be the need for more specialist shops – when people need to pop in for a last minute shower gift or a birthday card in a pinch.”

521 Saint Joseph Street, New Orleans LA

The Grove Street Paste


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  • Barb Wyman
    February 25, 2016 at 10:46 pm

    Well written!

    • Paula Flynn
      February 26, 2016 at 5:47 am

      Thanks, Barb. Such a great shop. Paula