20 UK Shops

5 Most Popular may shops

9 food shops

  • lmd-main-1

    La Manufacture

    La Manufacture du beau et de l’utile is a little shop situated in Toulouse, known as the Pink City, in the South of France. The shop was established in 2014 after…

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  • redeem-main-1


    Redeem is a men’s and women’s clothing and accessory shop. The store located in Washington DC was designed by Lori Parkerson, the owner, her father and her husband. Established in 2006,…

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  • gs-2

    General Supply

    General Supply is a newly opened lifestyle shop and cafe in Nagoya, Japan. Owners, Shelly Hayashi and Hiroyuki Tange, have carefully curated a selection of industrial and mid-century furnishings, unique vintage…

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  • rbmain-2

    Reginald Ballum

    Reginald Ballum is a shop beautifully displayed with decorative antiques and time-worn pieces, all housed in an attractive corner property that dates back to 1890. Opened in 2014, and situated in…

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  • FLD 2

    Fine Little Day

    Fine Little Day is a lifestyle shop in Gothenburg, founded by Elisabeth Dunker in 2007. The shop is located in an old industrial spinning mill, Spinneriet, which hosts a happy group…

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  • HLFmain-1

    Hill Lands Farm

    A few months ago I first visited the delightful and idyllic Hill Lands Farm, nestled in the picturesque South Downs National Park, and owned by Sarah Moore – designer, writer, and…

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  • MM-2

    Manready Mercantile

    ♦ By Jeremy & Christi Barnes ♦    Work hard, live well. This is the mantra of Manready Mercantile, a curated collection of menswear and goods in Houston, Texas. More than just…

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  • serendipity-1

    Serendipity Delhi

    Serendipity Delhi is a lifestyle and concept shop located in a rustic village on the outskirts of Delhi. Surrounded by farmlands, founder Kuldeep Kaur established Serendipity Delhi in 2014, after restoring…

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  • general-store

    General Store

      ♦ By Stephanie Bateman Sweet ♦   It’s always a joy to come across a neighbourhood grocery store selling seasonal, local, and artisan specialities, and owned by shopkeepers with a passion…

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  • fhf-main-1

    Freckled Hen Farmhouse

    Freckled Hen Farmhouse is an online general store brimming with quality home and farm supplies. Named for Freckled Hen Farm, the Arkansas farm that Natalie and Luke Freeman purchased three years…

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