Hawarden Estate Farm Shop


Hawarden Estate Farm Shop is set in 20 acres of farmed land in Flintshire, North Wales. Charlie and Caroline Gladstone, the owners and creators of Pedlars and The Magnificent Hound, amongst other retail projects, are also the proprietors of Hawarden Estate Farm Shop. The award-winning Farm Shop sources as much as possible within a 30-mile radius of the estate, from local producers and farms. Products from farther afield are supplied by small, artisan businesses who share the same passion for real food and natural products as the Gladstones. The shop is famous for it’s butchery, and for it’s pies, pastries, and Welsh Dragon sausage roll. The café and shop are popular with families, and there are plenty of events and activities to participate in throughout the year. In summer and fall there is “pick your own fruit” in the neighboring fields and orchards; strawberries, plums, apples, blackberries, and more. Both the pumpkin carving workshops at Halloween, and sausage making classes are popular with children. The Farm Shop has recently introduced its own range of products, called ‘Provision Merchant’, a name Charlie saw on a Victorian building in Liverpool which he thinks perfectly describes what they do at the Farm Shop, “being both very old fashioned and incredibly modern”.

The Shopkeepers

Charlie and Caroline Gladstone established Hawarden Estate Farm shop in 2008 on the site where a strawberry shack had stood for the previous twenty years. Today the Hawarden Estate Farm Shop is a destination for many locals and visitors alike. Charlie and Caroline are retail pioneers, bringing a dynamic approach to their many businesses. From Pedlars to The Good Life Experience, they have created interactive experiences and events for customers to enjoy. Both are fans of all things outdoors. Garbstore in Notting Hill, is a favourite shop, and Caught by the River a go to online resource for everything nature and environment related in Britain.

On the Future of Retail

That the number of big clothing brands will decrease.
That Governments will eventually realise the importance of independent retailers and help them financially.
That shops will employ older, wiser, more reliable staff.
That the number of bookshops, record shops and 35mm camera shops will grow.
That video will drive online sales.
That ‘luxury’ brands will consume every city and then disappear. Or maybe the latter bit is just wishful thinking
That food prices will rise to reflect the true value of food as shortages don’t match demand.

Chester Road, Hawarden, Flintshire, Wales

Hawarden Estate Farm Shop


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  • Shirley Evans
    May 19, 2016 at 11:33 am

    Regularly go to the farm shop for coffee and a sandwich with my mother who lives nearby in Kinnerton.I live in Ludlow and wish the cafe and farm shop were a bit nearer, maybe they could open one up near here! ??☕️