Wooden & Woven

Wooden & Woven is an online shop selling hand carved spoons and wooden tableware. Established in 2015 by maker Alexander Devol who hand carves everything himself. Based in North West England all the products are handmade from materials responsibly sourced in English woodlands where trees are grown and felled sustainably. Items ordered online are carefully wrapped by Alex so unboxing is made more special.

 The Shopkeeper

 Alexander Devol has been making things of various forms and functions all his life, but wooden and woven materials are his preferred mediums. Alex opted to establish an online shop as it allows him to devote his time to what he loves doing – being a maker. He partners with a few select shops and companies to sell his products, people and companies who share his values and creative integrity. Alex is enjoying the present, allowing Wooden & Woven to grow organically, opportunities are finding him and he is interested to see where they lead. Throughout the year Alex hosts wood carving workshops teaching people to fashion a log into a rough spoon shape while sitting around a fire.

On Handmade Products

“I find there is an inherent comfort and pride that comes from making things, but also in living with objects which have been made with care and time. When I drink coffee from hand made pottery I like to think of the clay as it was being thrown, I imagine the maker, the workshop, the mug taking shape.  When I drink from a paper cup I think of nothing.”

Wooden & Woven

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