Two is an online shop that sells handmade caftans. All the khadi and handwoven textiles are sourced in India, and the garments are made in New York. Inspired by Indian saris, Monica Patel, the founder and creative director of Two, launched the site in 2010. The caftans are available in one size, and Monica loves that they fit all body types and suit all ages. Based in Dumbo, Brooklyn, Two hosts a few open studio events every year in the showroom and visits by appointment. The caftans are also available at, and being the perfect resort attire, available at many beach destinations around the globe.


The Shopkeeper

 Monica Patel-Cohn is inspired by travel, and her Indian and Italian heritage. Growing up in California she would travel to Italy, where she learnt Italian, and was in awe of the bold technicolor of India. A graphic designer and art director, Monica has worked in creative departments in New York and Italy, but always longed to work with Indian textiles. When she was pregnant with her second child, Monica found the time to launch Two, so that she could spend time at home with her children. Some of her favorite shops in New York are HomeStories and Kisan , and A’maree’s  and A + R  in California. Her favorite cooking site is, and she also loves their online shop.


On The Future of Retail

 “Bringing back good craftsmanship and appreciating it. Understanding your customer, following up immediately and delivering great service. Things that mattered years ago still matter today”.

Additional photography courtesy of Two,  Sisilia Piring & Jessica Comingore

Monica’s Wish List

1. Avant Toi cashmere sweater from Kisan

2. Lots of kitchen utensils from Food 52

3. Eres bathing suit from Barneys


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