Tucson to us means big open skies, warmth, beautiful desert, close proximity to Mexico, and a relaxed atmosphere. It’s easy to live here, and the mind has the time and space to wander, to think, to create. Within the last few years there have been many new, wonderful places that have opened up – great restaurants, a few great shops, and pop up venues. I think people feel like they can take risks here – so you see people who have a passion for what they do opening up something small and growing from there.  I think this is a huge part of making Tucson great. We also have a very rich music community that has been here for a long time… I think this is also a big part of what makes it special. The culture here is rich – and the beauty of the nature that surrounds the city is breathtaking.

* Bon 760 S Stone Ave., Tucson 1. Our amazing neighbors at 5 Points Market – best breakfast and lunch in Tucson 2. The Little One – A great place for lunch- mexican food 3. Maynard’s– located along the train tracks downtown 4. The Coronet– a beautiful little restaurant with a large terrace- live music almost every night 5. Arte De La Vida– beautiful shop with all vintage goods from Mexico 6. Desert Vintage – incredible selection of vintage clothing 7. Arizona Inn – a must in Tucson- either to stay or just to walk the grounds and have a cocktail at the bar and listen to the piano music.  8De Grazia Gallery in the Sun – a beautiful place – Ted De Grazia’s home – now open to the public, showing his work, and also presenting shows for different artists

BON name

Bon, a home, garden and clothing shop in Tucson, Arizona opened in 2005. Located in a beautiful historic shopping plaza, its interiors reflect its desert environs. Natural elements make the shop come alive. Interspersed throughout the shop are tumbleweeds, dried bouquets, and succulents. Products are an interesting mix of

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