The Juicy Leaf


Growing up in Texas every opportunity that Felix Navarro had was spent gardening with his mother and grandmother, mornings before school, weekends and summer vacations. After a successful fifteen-year career in the financial industry Felix decided to pursue his passion. He started working with plants out of his garage, selling at flea markets until six years ago he opened his shop, The Juicy Leaf. Felix can be found at The Juicy Leaf seven days a week, but because he loves what he does it never feels like work to him. He handpicks all the plants from local growers, mainly succulents with some tillandsia and tropicals. Echeveria and zebra plants are popular, though sansevieria is his favorite. He works with his customers, creating arrangements and is most happy seeing the pleasure in their eyes when they take them home. Over the years the shop has evolved to include the work of local artists and artisans, including paintings, candles, lighting and terrariums. Felix is delighted that The Juicy Leaf has gained a far-reaching reputation, as well as local customers; visitors come from all parts of the United States and other countries. As his business has grown so has his team, which he regards as family, now comprised of nine employees, there are no titles and everyone has different strengths. He encourages his team to follow their dreams also, and those that leave miss The Juicy Leaf so much they are frequently welcomed back by Felix to spend time planting and helping around the shop.

The Juicy Leaf

5725 N Figueroa St.,  Los  Angeles

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