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TFK Shopkeeper

The Future Kept is an online homewares and lifestyle shop. Proprietors Dean and Jeska Hearne ascribe to a “buy less, buy better” ethos. All the products sold on The Future Kept are either made by independent makers and designers, or from companies that share a similar ideology: that regard sustainability and the environment with foremost importance. The Future Kept collection is fluid and unique, and there is a specific criteria applied to all new items that are added to the site. Firstly, would Dean and Jeska live with, or buy the item themselves. Then they consider the maker, the materials and the story behind the product. Finally each item needs to complement their collection and add something to it. The result is a meticulously chosen line of well designed, durable, goods to cherish and keep.

The Shopkeepers

Dean and Jeska Hearne are the creative husband and wife team behind The Future Kept. Dean, a graphic and web designer, designed and developed the site. Jeska was one of the UK’s first lifestyle and interiors bloggers. Her popular blog Lobster and Swan launched in 2007. Jeska’s online following was helpful when starting The Future Kept. The couple realize though it has never been easier to open an online shop, there are so many amazing virtual shops and concepts that it is difficult to get noticed. They compare it to opening a physical shop in the middle of nowhere and hoping  people drop by.  Both are photographers and their stunning photography adds narrative and character to the site. They are inspired by nature, fellow creatives, and admire anyone forging their own path. Favourite shops are Butlers Emporium in Hastings Old Town, nearby Merchant & Mills, Freight in Lewes, Harvest & Co. in Amsterdam, and Green Factory in Paris. Beautifully curated virtual shops they admire are Sparrow & Co. and Midgley Green.

On Having a Pop Up shop

“Retail is changing, it needs to be more of an experience in our opinion. For example, in Amsterdam every shop has a coffee machine and more of a personal hang out vibe, it is why we would love somewhere for people to touch and feel the items, to meet up, hang out, not just walk in, buy, walk out, something that fully complements and brings our online experience to life.”

The Future Kept

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