Talbott & Arding


1480 Talbott & Arding

Talbott & Arding’s natural slate floor, white wall tiles and soft grey with blue color scheme are reminiscent of a dairy attached to an historic British home. It’s no surprise when Kate Arding, one of the three owners, recounts amusingly that in a former career ‘BC’ (before cheese) she had worked for The British National Trust. When construction started on the Cheese and Provisions’ new premises, and as last winter’s ice and snow melted, two huge marble slabs embedded in the backyard mud were revealed. These 500-pound slabs were remnants of the buildings’ former use as a fishmongers at the turn of the last century, fully restored one of these pieces of marble now features as part of the long counter displaying some of their delicious wares. Mona Talbott and Sarah Spira, are the other two owners, and all three’s paths have intersected over the past twenty years, working on different projects together. Between the three friends they have a tremendous amount of experience and a very impressive resume, including projects with Chez Panisse, Neal’s Yard Dairy, Rome Sustainable Food Project, Cowgirl Creamery, and Formaggio Kitchen to name a few. They love being situated in the Hudson Valley where they can closely collaborate with their suppliers who inspire them so much. They have spent time on farms and orchards building strong relationships and are delighted to be able to share feedback and the delicious end results. One gets the sense that this is only the beginning for Talbott and Arding and that there are further tasty projects to follow.

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323 Warren Street, Hudson NY


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