Shopping guide to the Best Ceramics Makers & Shops

The Shopkeepers shopping guide to the best ceramics makers and shops is a selection of 20 of our favorite products. Lovingly handmade and handcrafted, ceramics are always a great gift to give and receive. This roundup of some of our favorite ceramics is a mix of goods from independent shops that feature ceramics and from small makers with online shops. Many ceramic makers have online shops that only open when they have a new batch of goods. So be sure to sign up for their newsletter to know when their shops open. We love that shopping online still means we can support our favorite independent shops far and wide. These shops and makers are located the U.S., Ireland, France, U.K., Italy and Australia. This is just a small selection of the amazing ceramics available around the world. We love discovering new shops so if you have a favorite ceramicist or shop you would like us to know about share with us via button below.

01. Pinch Jug

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Shopping guide to the Best Ceramic Makers & Shops DBO home

DBO Home’s Pinch Jug is textured porcelain with a bronze glaze drip.

02. Happy Mug

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Astier de Villatte’s Happy Mug – and why not get the matching plate?

03. Bell with Beads

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Notary Ceramic’s indoor or outdoor Bell.

04. Fig Candle

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Alix D. Reynis pretty porcelain Fig-scented candle.

05. Set of Four Bowls

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Shopping guide to the Best Ceramic Makers & Shops the freaky raku

The Freaky Raku’s set of Four Bowls with a white speckled blue glaze are hand-thrown and glazed in Venice, Italy

06. Blue & White Dot Bowl

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Elephant Ceramics have several 24hr sales throughout the year. To be notified of sales sign up HERE

07. Stoneware Butter Dish

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Il Buco Vita’s stoneware Butter Dish comes with either a plain or fluted lid.

08. Tree Bowls

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Illyria Pottery’s rustic white, lacy Tree Bowls.

09. Teapot and Mug

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Florian Gadsby’s ceramics can be purchased through his web shop. Sign up here or follow him on Instagram for updates.

10. Artist’s Tiny Bowl

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Helen Levi’s stoneware Artist’s Tiny Bowls have an allover rainbow paint splatter.

11. Cup & Saucer

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Jono Smart’s Cup & Saucer and similar ceramics are available several times a year. Sign up HERE for shop updates.

12. Linen Vases

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Justine Lacoste’s made-to-order Linen Vases are inspired by linen’s delicate texture.

13. Tree Cup

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Paula Greif Ceramics stoneware hand-painted Tree Cup

14. 53/100 Mug

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Lolly Lolly’s matte black stoneware 53/100 Mug with a glazed interior is no.53

15. Butter Dish

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Arran St. East’s Butter Dish comes in a range of ten solid colors and will be made-to-order when not in stock.

16. White Stoneware Jug

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Iva Polachova White Stoneware Jug 10 is made from hand built clay and available at Maud & Mabel.

17. Classic Mini Bowl

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Stephen Pearce’s Classic Mini Bowl is also available in medium and large sizes.

18. Dome Shaped Jingle Bell

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MQuan’s stoneware Dome Shaped Jingle Bell is hand painted with Constellations

19. Mixing Bowl

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Cornishware’s standard Mixing Bowl is also available in red or yellow stripes.

20. Noodle Bowl

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Mud Australia’s Noodle Bowl is handmade in their studio in Australia and is available in several colors and sizes.

21. Dry Blue Bud Vase

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Illyria Pottery’s Dry Blue Bud Vase.

22. Stoneware Cups

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Samuel Sparrow’s perfectly proportioned Stoneware Cups. Sign up HERE for shop updates.

Read more about some of the shops featured in The Shopkeepers shopping guide to the best ceramic makers and shops.

Maud & Mabel, London

Notary Ceramics, Portland

Stephen Pearce, Ireland

Paula Greif, Hudson, NY

Helen Levi, online

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