Shopfront of the Month

It has been amazing to watch The Shopkeepers Instagram grow to over 150K followers strong. We love discovering new shops and shopfronts. A big thank you for sharing your wonderful images and contributing to our growth. To celebrate this milestone each month we will feature the most liked shopfront on So please keep sharing your images and tagging us on posts and in comments. Each month we will add The Shopfront of the Month to this page.

Everyday we have lots of requests to feature shops. After several years of selecting shopfront pictures we have learnt a lot about what we think makes a good image. Do you wonder how we select shops to post to our grid? How to capture a great shopfront image? In addition to our Shopfront of the Month feature we are working on a guide to tips on how to shoot a great shopfront. There will be advice and suggestions whether you are a shopkeeper or just like capturing facades on your travels. And insights into how we select shops to post. Sign up for our list of shopfront photography editing tips and insights here.

January Shopfront of The Month

Left Bank Books, January Shopfront of the Month


41 Perry Street, New York NY

photo @_wanderlustbookclub

February Shopfront of The Month


Pelayo 68, Madrid

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photo @gonzalezygonzalezstore

March Shopfront of The Month

Windy corner stores


110 Nelson Rd, Whitstable

photo @coastaljounal

April Shopfront of The Month

Higuma Doughnuts, Tokyo April shopfront of the month


2-8-21, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

photo @heydavina

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  • Gwen McMartin
    February 3, 2020 at 2:41 pm

    Charming! Imagine discovering this little old book shop while wandering the streets of NY on a chilly Winter day! Love the typeface!

    • Paula Flynn
      February 6, 2020 at 11:53 am

      Yes! A wonderful discovery to stop anyone in their tracks. Greenwich Village is filled with so many charming shops and shopfronts.