Polux Fleuriste


In 2001, Anouchka Martin had the opportunity to open a shop in New York. She decided on a flower shop, reminiscent of the romantic Parisian flower shops of her youth. Barbara Sarudiansky joined her in 2004. Friends since they were 12 year old school children in Paris, their stories are intertwined. Anouchka had a very distinct concept for the shop and though neither of them had formal training with flowers; both have backgrounds in fine art, fashion, and interior design. Anouchka’s vision involves a specific color palette, there are three colour sections, lavenders and purples; pale pinks ranging to dark burgundy; and whites and greens. One will not find red, orange or yellow flowers at Polux. Their bouquets are informal. They use similar techniques to creating a painting, layering shapes, colors, and textures and place importance on the container which completes the composition. They love bringing artistry and joy into other people’s lives through their flowers, which can be achieved with a simple single stem as well as a larger arrangement. They view flowers as part of a lifestyle, not just for special occasions. They sell plants, terrariums, candles, tea and vintage pieces creating a lifestyle framework for the flowers. Since the Mott Street premises they have had a shop in Tribeca and have been at their current location, part of the Club Monaco Flagship on Fifth Avenue since 2013. Their mornings are spent shopping at the flower market, fritillaria, anemones, clematis, poppies, and ranunculus being their favourites. Their studio is conveniently located in the flower market but they spend as much time as possible in the shop working personally with their customers and sharing their love of flowers.

   – Flower Shop –

160 Fifth Avenue, New York NY


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