Pink Chicken


Stacey Fraser’s beach house in Amagansett is the inspiration for each of the four Pink Chicken shops. Each shop uses different distinctive colors and patterned wallpapers, the same patterns that Stacey has used in her home. Color and pattern are also trademarks of the brand, which Stacey started on a year’s sabbatical. After an impressive fifteen-year career designing and building brands, at Ralph Lauren, baby Gap, Tommy Hilfiger and Old Navy, Stacey decided to take time out to spend with her two daughters when the Old Navy design office relocated to the West Coast from NY. During this time she started designing and making dresses for her girls, which were so admired by her friends she took three dress samples to Stefani Greenfield, the co-founder of Scoop, who wrote an order on the spot. That was the launch of Pink Chicken. Nine years later Pink Chicken is now available in boutiques nationwide, in catalogues, online and in the Pink Chicken shops. Famous for their casual chic dresses, which come in similar patterns for mothers and daughters, Stacey describes the brand as reimagined modern mommy and me. When Stacey starts designing a new collection she begins with the colors, and then the patterns, which are a mix of Indian block and vintage inspired prints. Old Sears catalogues, vintage textiles and quirky vintage wallpaper inspire her. Stacey always loved the small local shops in Amagansett and thought it would be the perfect location for her beachy brand, so was delighted when she spotted one for rent six years ago. She had fun buying complementary brands and merchandizing the space to create a Pink Chicken lifestyle shop. Her formula was so successful she opened three more shops, Madison Avenue three years ago, and Santa Monica and Charleston last year. Stacey loves having the shops, meeting and interacting with customers, listening to their feedback, which she takes into consideration when designing the next season. Stacey hopes to continue opening more shops, and mentions California, Texas and The Carolinas as next possible locations.

1223 Madison Avenue, New York NY

14 Amagansett Square, Amagansett NY

1524 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica CA

225 King Street, Charleston SC

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