Picture Room


Sandeep Salter, co-founder of Goods For The Study, recognized an opportunity for a shop selling affordable artwork, so one year ago she and partner Sarah McNally opened Picture Room in the neighboring space. Concerned people are being priced out of the contemporary art market, and not always comfortable in galleries they wanted to offer customers an experience similar to buying a beautiful design object. Picture Room offers artwork ranging from $10 to $12,000, and as a former bibliographer Sandeep is insistent that the provenance of each item is carefully catalogued so every buyer can purchase confidently. Picture Room has an interesting collection of work that she has assigned from artists, galleries and collectors, including Paris Review editions, MoMA library archives and posters from the first PS1 show. The walls are covered with framed pictures whilst tables display an interesting collection of her favorite ephemera. She represents over 50 emerging and established artists and has a vast collection that is constantly changing as, unlike a gallery, when an artwork is purchased it leaves with the buyer. Every two months a different artist is featured, and posters are created within the framework of the Picture Room graphic logo, the Golden Ratio. Picture Room offers hanging and curatorial services. The artwork is in huge demand by interior designers, which has opened up a new field of design for Sandeep whose skills as an art curator and furniture designer are in demand for projects at New York hotels, businesses and private homes.

The Shopkeeper Photo: Chris Mottalini

236 Mulberry Street, Nolita NY




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