Paula Greif


Four years ago Paula Greif took a pottery class which changed the course of her life. A former graphic designer, illustrator, art and video director, she had worked on projects ranging from album covers to rock videos, and TV commercials. After taking a pottery class close to her home in Brooklyn, she started making gifts for friends and quickly became inundated with requests. Inspired by American and Mexican folk art her style is loose and organic, embracing the imperfections of her shapes. The forms are often counter balanced by the delicate blue lines decorating the ceramics, using the traditional Mishima technique. At other times Paula uses painterly brushstrokes to add color and pattern to her pottery. Lucie Rie, the celebrated Viennese potter who fled Nazi Austria and set up a live/work studio in London, inspired Paula’s latest lifestyle choice. Paula lives on Hudson’s Warren Street, above her ground floor shop and studio. She has spent the past two years renovating the diminutive 10 foot wide building with the help of her friend, interior designer Stephen Shadley. Paula prefers to spend most of her time working in her studio. Her pieces take 4 to 6 weeks to complete, and as everything is handmade she has limited quantities to sell, in her shop or through her website. Paula is delighted to be living in Hudson. Everyone from her life keeps walking into the shop, including classmates from high school and people she worked with on projects thirty years ago. She enjoys an evening walk after dinner meeting other artists and interesting people that have made Hudson their home. The rich clay soil around the Hudson area, which spawned the local brick factories of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, also provides Paula with the perfect medium. Nestled on a shelf amongst her ceramic plates she indicates the pieces that were made from clay found in a neighbouring lot.

Photographs of Paula: Kate Sterlin

419 1/2 Warren Street, Hudson NY

paula greif



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  • alex bates
    September 15, 2015 at 3:29 pm

    Another reason to plan a trip up to Hudson. Love this posting, she is one of my favorite potters and her store looks incredible.