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  • Best Womenswear & Accessories Shops

    These are the ten 2020 Best Womenswear & Accessories Shops. Ten interesting and unique independent stores that create unique visions and interesting collections of womenswear and accessories. Located in London, Paris…

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  • Urban Backyard

    WHAT WE LOVE: An eco-conscious coffee shop with an out front, inviting “urban backyard” that changes with the seasons. Relax, and enjoy a handcrafted drink, such as the popular floral lattes,…

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  • Greenpoint, Brooklyn shopping guide

    The Shopkeepers Greenpoint, Brooklyn shopping guide is a selection of our favorite goods from our Favorite Greenpoint independent shops. So even if you can’t visit Greenpoint’s wonderful shops in person you…

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  • Favorite Greenpoint Shops

    We’re so excited that New York City is back! Greenpoint, Brooklyn is one of our favorite destinations for the best independent shops. Greenpoint, just north of Williamsburg, and a short ferry…

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  • May Notebook

    Welcome to our 2021 May Notebook, a roundup of shops news, openings, events and things we are loving around the internet. This month we celebrate that New York City is back…

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  • Green Fingers Market

    WHAT WE LOVE: A long time Lower East Side favorite shop, Green Fingers Market is an urban jungle in the heart of downtown NYC. The potted plant gang crowd the shopfront…

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  • 2020 Best Flower & Plant Shops

    These are the ten 2020 Best Flower & Plant Shops. Ten beautiful emporiums that create and sell unique botanical wonders. Stores that offer fabulous floral bouquets and wonderfully wild assortments of…

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  • The Shopkeepers favorite NYC shops

    Favorite NYC Shops

    We’re so excited that New York City is back! The city is full of signs of spring and a renewed hope after such a hard year. The weather is warmer, people…

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  • Favorite London Vintage Shops

    Use our handy TSK Maps London to find The Shopkeepers favorite London vintage shops. Simply use the filter function on TSK Maps to search by store type, such as “vintage” and…

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  • Loop

    WHAT WE LOVE: An amazing treasure trove and inspirational source of beautiful yarns, threads, textiles and haberdashery goods. Loop knitting shops is a wonderful resource for making and creating all manner…

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