ÖR Gallery and Tavern

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ÖR Gallery and Tavern opened in August 2015 in Hudson, New York. A converted auto garage now serves as a spacious bar, gallery, shop, workroom and event space. The name ÖR, an Icelandic word for arrow or scar, reflects the owners’ love of Iceland. Co-founder Adam Loomis makes the leather goods and jewelry for the shop, and can be found throughout the day creating goods at a worktable. A prolific maker, Adam also designed and fabricated the bar and furniture and makes custom furniture to order. Co-founder Jennifer Tzar’s photography decorates the walls. She develops the ÖR brand goods with Adam, and is GM of ÖR Gallery and Tavern. The bar is open seven days a week, and sustenance is provided by Talbott & Arding.

The Shopkeepers

Jennifer Tzar, a photographer, stylist and filmmaker, met Adam on a photo shoot in Hudson, and decided to stay, relocating from New York City. Together they created a line of leather goods, and opened ÖR Gallery and Tavern as a place to sell their designs. The shop is a curated assortment of handmade statement pieces, investment items that can be cherished for years. They have developed a signature perfume, ÖR, that is a unisex scent with undertones of sawdust, leather, cypress and musk. The partners hope to continue building the brand and in the future would love to open another ÖR in LA, and a boutique hotel in Northern Europe. For the time being they are happy that ÖR Gallery and Tavern is thriving since opening last year – there has been a great energy, support and appreciation from customers, that makes them feel they are doing everything right.

On the Future of Retail

“There are two things happening in retail, more people are shopping online but there is also a resurgence of small shops. Customers want things that are special, they are not shopping for a quick fix.”

35 South 3rd St., Hudson, New York

ÖR Gallery and Tavern


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