Lucy Auge


Lucy Auge is an artist famous for her flower paintings. Based in Bath, UK she is obsessed with flowers, and paints them year round. Even in winter when there are hardly any flowers about, she looks more closely and finds frosted ferns and dried seed heads that inspire her paintings. 500 flowers is a series of floral line paintings that she sells individually on Etsy. Lucy paints the series on 19th century paper using calligraphy ink and a Chinese brush. The handmade nature of the paper lends the series depth and character when multiples are displayed together. Her customers often discover her work on Instagram or Pinterest, and she sells to customers around the globe.

The Shopkeeper

Asian art, for its simplicity and composition, and the colours of nature inspire Lucy Auge’s work. Lucy is a self taught artist, and says that nothing comes more naturally to her. She likes to travel and explore, so having an Etsy shop is ideal allowing her the freedom to wander. It was Becca Stadtlander’s Etsy shop that Lucy admired, and prompted her to open her own. Lucy has worked on projects with Vivienne Westwood, Letraset and Daylesford Organics, and works on commissions for private and corporate clients. Her work has been exhibited at a Gallery in Bath, and Botany in London. She has a Pinterest board called “shop + café”, where she pins all her shop dreams if one day she opens her own place. For the present she is happy to visit her favourite shops; Choosing Keeping, where she buys all her stationery, and Content Beauty, both in London, and Tortoise General store in LA.

On the Future of Retail 

 “I don’t know what the future holds for retail, I hope the independents survive. A lot of the little guys always get copied and the big shops roll it out as if it is their own, if that could stop I think that would help.”

Lucy Auge


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