Louise Gray

Louise Gray is an online shop selling contemporary quilts. The 100% cotton quilts use bold graphic blocks of neutral color to reinterpret this traditional American craft. Based in Minneapolis the quilts are handcrafted by local artisans. Hickory and walnut hangars are available enabling these modern quilts to be displayed as works of art. The Louise Gray site tells the story of the brand and gives customers ideas on how the quilts can be used and displayed. The quilts are available in shops throughout the US, Canada and Australia.

The Shopkeepers

Alexandra Gray Bennett and Jocelin Johnson founded Louise Gray in 2014. Alexandra, a former sales director, was taught to quilt as a young child by her mother. Louise Gray is named after her mother, honoring her creative inspiration. Jocelin, a graphic designer, is the creative director, and together they have reimagined the traditional art of quilting, giving it a modern look. Jocelin is inspired by photography, landscapes, typography, and architecture, all of which are evident in her designs. The website allows them to connect with customers around the globe, and at the same time support their local economy in Minneapolis. Favourite local shops are Wilson & Willy’s, Forage Modern Workshop and Shop Mille, where they can go and see their product in situ. Plans for the future include additional quilt sizes, and personalization with dates and monograms. They would love a combined studio/workroom/showroom with beds displaying Louise Gray quilts, a place to kick up their feet and recharge.

On The Future of Retail

“There is an undeniable shift in consumers purchasing more mindfully. I think the companies that can pivot and respond to that will do well.”

Photographs Courtesy of Louise Gray


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