lf8 Elevate x Alabama Chanin


Lisa Fox is happiest when she is traveling the world, meeting new people and adding to her impressive collection of handmade and artisanal clothing, textiles and accessories. In the early 1980’s she moved to London to live and work with Zandra Rhodes after graduating from school in Switzerland, who taught her print making and silk screen printing. Returning home to Australia Lisa put her new skills to work starting a limited edition T-shirt business. Her travels brought her to NY where she has been based the past twenty-five years raising her family. Her beautiful home houses an impressive collection of textiles, and over the years she has sold some pieces to private clients, but it is always with reluctance that she parts with anything. Two years ago on a trip to Senegal she developed some woven leather jewelry. Back in NY she repurposed these necklaces as handles on fabric bags, and her bag collection was born. Friends who saw her bags kept encouraging Lisa to open a shop. After passing a tiny shop for rent on her block for several months she finally took the plunge last November and opened lf8 Elevate. The shop is an art space where artists and friends can come together and show their work, which are connected through a shared story or theme. The most important aspect for Lisa is that she gives back to the artists and community allowing them to keep the proceeds from sales. Since opening last November she has helped replace a roof on a school in India and has funded the art programme at the local neighborhood school. Lisa has rented a larger space for an Alabama Chanin pop up which runs until May 22nd. The larger space gives her the opportunity to host Alabama Chanin workshops, May 21st, and readings from favorite Southern literature, May 14th (link below for full details). Lisa works with Thom Driver, who helps her catalogue her vast collection and style the installations at lf8 Elevate, and Jill Pangallo, who she says, ‘pulls it all together’. Through her work at lf8 Elevate Lisa has being able to define her role of bringing together amazingly talented people, and how she would like her concept to evolve. Her dream is to have a traveling luxe pop up, so she can share her adventures and excitement with even more people.

 – Women’s Fashion | Pop Up –

80 East 7th Street, New York NY



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