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Les Petites Emplettes is an online shop based out of a French chateau in the Charente. Hubert Bettan and Isabelle Dubois-Dumee, founders of Les Petites Emplettes have created an enchanting story, ethos and lifestyle around their brand, Chateau de Dirac, their home and studio, being the ideal stage to showcase their products. Home products that include their best selling wooden boxes which have a multitude of applications, felt boxes, bedlinen, and baskets for hanging plants. Products are mainly sourced in France, with some items coming from Morocco, and supplemented with vintage finds. Les Petites Emplettes appeals to customers who like modern, happy interiors, preferring natural simplicity over sophistication.  On occasion the chateau is open to visitors to view and shop the range of products. Isabelle and her team also work as interior stylists on both residential and commercial projects.


The Shopkeeper

Isabelle Dubois-Dumee is the designer and stylist behind the brand, Les Petites Emplettes. A former editor at a Parisian publisher, she developed children’s and travel books. Her husband, Hubert Bettan, is a developer, and created the website. After forty years living in Paris they were able to chose a country lifestyle, which appealed to the couple in its modernity and made possible thanks to the internet. Isabelle styles the chateau to photograph and create an atmosphere, one that communicates an emotion similar to the physical connection when handling something when buying in person. She believes in creating beautiful pictures that explain the product, the story and share something more than just the object. Full of ideas, Isabelle hopes to organize workshops and events at the chateau. She loves to travel, and there are many places she would like to discover with her family – trace her Finnish origins, learn more about Japanese culture, and a nature lover would like to explore Canada.

On the Future of Retail

“The internet can help a lot of small companies and producers to sell directly to their customers. It’s a good thing, to allow people to live everywhere, not only in the city, and work without any confines. To have a job anywhere is a real freedom. And for me all is a question of freedom, no?”

Chateau de Dirac, Charente, France

Les Petites Emplettes

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