La Troupe


Charmed by the tranquility, the alluring nature, and warmth of the people, Berenice, Lorena and Ana moved from Cordoba, Argentina to the Mexican Riviera Maya, a place full of magic and inspiration, to raise their children. The three friends work with local artisans to produce a beautifully crafted line of clothes and home products, which are sold in their two shops, La Troupe. The shop in Playa del Carmen is made entirely from recycled pallets, and the one in Tulum, nestled between palm trees and jungle vegetation, is a reused shipping container. La Troupe is based on a fair-trade concept, working with local Mayan communities and building on the rich textile heritage of the area. A working philosophy based on communication, respect and paying a fair price, a relationship that has made La Troupe possible. They love being able to support their local community, and enjoy discovering and learning the local traditions, which they describe as a process of mutual learning. Quality and uniqueness are trademarks of the brand, so natural fabrics, silk, linen, and cotton, are used and limited numbers of each style are produced. They use natural dyes and fabrics, dying by hand in small batches, using colors that are inspired by the surrounding nature. Items are hand embroidered, crocheted and knitted. They draw inspiration from poetry, local Mexican crafts, symbolism and their magical lives on the Mexican Rivieria.

Beach Road, Tulum Mexico


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