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Kingsley Market is a shop in San Miguel, Mexico, that blends Mexican craftsmanship with modern design. Established in 2015 and named for owner Lisa Kingsley and a play on the word “Mercado”, because in Mexico the market is the center of everyday culture. Lisa designs nearly all of the goods that are sold in the shop. Handbags, jewelry, shawls, sandals, and interior objects, that are handcrafted by local artisans, and paired with her own line of scents and apothecary. Her bags are very popular, lightweight and crafted from beautiful leathers. The shop is zen like, white, rustic, and minimal, offering a respite from the colorful streets of San Miguel. Kingsley Market attracts an international clientele; visitors from Cartagena, Paris, Miami, Costa Rica, London, Berlin and the Netherlands.

The Shopkeeper

Lisa Kingsley, a former Los Angeles based designer, is delighted she moved to Mexico and opened Kingsley Market. She finds a tangible authenticity in Mexico, and San Miguel to be an artful and special place. She is happy that she can participate in the community and represent the local makers in the context of where the products are made. She works with leather artisans, silversmiths, wood workers, glass blowers and textile weavers, literally around the corner from her studio and Kingsley Market. Lisa finds inspiration in old wood, natural dyes, muted earth, the scent of Mexican orange blossoms, Japanese Indigo, tribal adornment, and pretty much all of Mexico and the creative renaissance it’s currently experiencing. These elements are all present in Kingsley Market. Visitors are eager to learn more and she is happy to share the stories behind the products she sells. Lisa believes in the high value of small shops. Her top three go-to shops are AP Lakeside, Michigan, Robin Richman in Chicago, and Juana Cata in Mexico.

On Opening a Shop in Mexico

“I followed my inner-voice. The one that told me it was a good idea to move to Mexico. Manifesting a system of working that’s 100% about beauty, creativity and enjoying life. It’s paid off in spades.”

43-B Aldama, San Miguel De Allende, Mexico

Kingsley Market



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