Kai D



Inspirational quotes are displayed at intervals around Kai D’s namesake shop, adding wit and whimsy. Large mood boards are testimony to Kai D’s love of utilitarian and functional clothing and products. Originally from Taiwan, Kai D came to NY to study menswear at FIT. After graduating he moved quickly through the ranks, from assistant designer to VP Design at both Structure and Nautica within two years of leaving college. In 2004 he started his own design and marketing consulting firm, launching his own collection five years later. Opening a pop up shop on the Lower Eastside in 2010 he realized that he most enjoyed ‘controlling the total expression’ of his brand so opened a permanent home for Kai D in Williamsburg in 2013. An advocate of what he terms ‘slow fashion’ he believes in creating garments that are well made and timeless, products that people buy and cherish for a long time. To keep that philosophy top of mind he has created a sketch wall of the ‘ultimate collection’, styles that do not need to be constantly redesigned. Hye Sun Mun, who he has being working with on projects for the past 6 years, designs a small collection of women’s clothing and accessories. Kai D’s designs are complemented by other brands that he loves and that share a similar vision to his. His customers are from creative fields, architects, writers, and photographers, people that appreciate the quality, craftsmanship and authentic details of the clothing. Kai D enjoys all aspects of designing and selling his own brand, he endeavors to achieve his ideal balance which is spending 1/3 of his time selling, 1/3 of his time on execution and the remaining 1/3 on research.

230 Grand Street, Brooklyn NY


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