Jean Shop


Eric wears a silver pig charm on a leather cord, around his neck. This is his good luck charm and now part of the Jean Shop brand; pigs show up at intervals around the shop and make an appearance in Jean Shop logo. Eric is passionate about denim. This passion has helped him build Jean Shop into a world-renowned denim brand. After being the resident denim expert for Ralph Lauren’s RRL line and Gap brand, Eric equipped with his vast knowledge of everything denim, opened Jean Shop in 2004 with partners Gene Montesano and Barry Perlman. Jean Shop offers a bespoke denim service. There are 3 different jean fits available, constructed in the US from premium Japanese selvedge denim and individually finished to each customer’s specification. Leather jackets, shirts and accessories are also customized and finished to complement the denim. Eric loves working with his clients in the comfortable environment of Jean Shop; there are leather club chairs to relax in, a guitar to strum and tequila shots at the ready. He enjoys the interaction with customers and seeing people wearing Jean Shop brand jeans with their distinctive orange selvedge. This February he is excited to launch a new line with similar branding, exclusively with Mr. Porter for the first month. By importing these jeans he is creating a product with a more accessible price point for many people. Eric sells a very authentic and unique jean experience. When his customers return to buy new jeans he displays their old ones in cases and on walls throughout the shop, building an amazing vintage jean collection. Eric dreams about having a museum space to display these vintage jeans and of publishing a book on the evolution of denim.

37 Crosby Street, Soho NY


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