One day last month Noah Chaimberg and Tyler McKusick wheeled their hot sauce cart into the back room of Heatonist, their new hot sauce tasting shop in Brooklyn. Believing that customers should be able to sample products before purchasing, they started their business eighteen months ago, a hot sauce tasting cart that would make appearances at various events and pop ups. This period allowed them to focus on their assortment so that they were well prepared when they moved into their permanent home in Williamsburg. Tyler and Noah are delighted when their customers walk into Heatonist with big smiles on their faces, thrilled to discover a hot sauce shop and to be able to taste everything. Heatonist, a project that was made possible by Kickstarter, represents small batch, artisanal makers from around the globe, that use only natural ingredients. They both designed and built the space with expert help from Tyler’s brother, Sean, and are still working on finishing the kitchen and awaiting the delivery of an 11 foot redwood slab so that they can build a table to host family style dinners. There are plans to host maker events and work with neighborhood restaurants to develop exclusive sauces. For the customers that are unable to visit the shop to taste one of the 100 plus sauces they stock, they have created an algorithm that matches a customer’s flavor preference profile with their database of sauces, so that they can ship a customized selection. Eggs are the perfect food to pair with all their hot sauces and a great way for the partners to start their day. Other favorite recipes are Noah’s take on Penne Arrabbiata using smoked ghost peppers, and Tyler favors a Margherita also using ghost peppers.

121 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn NY



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